Completed Atlas Pages

How to Access The Flora

The Family, Genera and Species that are under investigation will be listed as they are completed.  The plant names will be posted on the Families and Genera Recognized in New Jersey page.  The nomenclature committee will provide approved lists that will chronicle the New Jersey Flora as it is built from the current knowledge, species by species.  This will result in a random tally of plants.  Lists will be posted as PDF files for entire families or by genus. 

The lists will be transformed into Atlas pages that eventually will be accessible under the Completed Atlas Pages tab located on the home page. 

The taxon’s authors will eventually provide the final manual texts and keys to the manual committee who would post them within the developing manual, completing the Flora’s mission. 

The Flora of New Jersey higher order nomenclature will follow the familiar scheme developed by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group.  FNJP is using the current iteration (APGIII) that adapts new and recombined family names, modifying some of the familiar names used by our favorite Gleason and Cronquist volumes (1950, 1963, 1991), Fernald (1950) and other printed manuals for the Northeastern United States. The nomenclature for lower taxon levels of genus and species would be compiled by FNJP authors from the botanical knowledge available today. This will reference work completed by Kartesz and Meacham (1999); Weakley (2010); USDA (2011);  and taxa-specific literature available to the effort.

The Flora is accessible 3 ways. 

  • The complete Families and Genera list  known within New Jersey is found on the Families and Genera Recognized in New Jersey page. 
  • The approved individual sGenera and species names will be posted as PDF files on the same Families and Genera Recognized in New Jersey page. 
  • Atlas sheets will be viewable as they are created on the Completed Atlas tab bar found on the home page.