Completed Atlas Pages

Familes and Genera Recognized in New Jersey

Complete NJ Vascular Plant Family/Genera List 

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This list is a compilation of families and genera known to exist in New Jersey.  The list will be occasionally revised as the family hierarchy is reshuffled by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG).  As FNJP participants assume each taxa from the APG list, the flora will be expanded.  As the nomenclature committee approves a Family or Genus, the list provided by the author will be attached below as a PDF file.  Genus by genus, family by family the flora with modern nomenclature will take shape. 

The New Jersey Plant Atlas will be built plant by plant from an ever growing database chrolicling the study of the various species.  The lists will be generated from approved Family and Genera utilized by our nomenclature review committee. The completed Atlas pages will be posted as they are created. Completed pages are available today and can be viewed by navigating through the Plants by Family area (toggle bar, left). Select a completed taxa to see what has been posted. The available pages are not a complete list of NJ ‘s flora, but a running tally of revised knowledge about each family, genera and species re-studied to date.    

The Approved Nomenclature Lists

The following taxa have been approved by the Nomenclature Committee.  The various authors listed on the approved lists will be responsible for manual submissions and documentation suitable to create the atlas pages.  This alphabetical tally will expand as new authors assume the study of other parts of our flora.

Family:                  Sub-family/Tribe/Genera

Amaranthaceae: Amaranth Family including Chenopodiaceae

Aquifoliaceae: Holly Family

Cyperaceae: Scleria, Rhynchospora

Ericaceae: Heath Family


  1. Subfamily-Aristidodeae: Aristida,
  2. Subfamily Chlioridoideeae-Tribe Cynodonteae: Distichlis, Eleusine, Gymnopogon;
  3. Subfamily Panicoideae: Ammophila, Amphicarpon, Dichanthelium, Panicum; Tribe Andropogoneae: Arthraxon
  4. SubfamilyPooidea- Tribe Poaeae: Aira, Dactylis, Holcus

Ruppiaceae: Ruppia Family

Santalaceae: Mistletoe Family

Violaceae: Violet Family includingViola, Hybanthus

Xyridaceae: Xyris Family

Zannichelliaceae: Horned Pondweed Family

Zosteraceae: Zostera Family