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2011: February Chinese Lobelia, March Jimsonweed, April Pixie Moss, May Red Chokeberry, June Witch-Hazel, July Southern Red Oak, August Hedge Bindweed, September-Swamp Beggars Tick, October-Great Blue Lobelia, November-Cranefly Orchis, December-Black Cherry

2012: January Sassafras; February: Swamp Azalea; March-Sheppards Cress, April-Stalked burgrass; May-Bracted Plantain; June-Black Swallow-wort; July-Pearlwort; August-E. Bottlebrush Grass; September-Bur Cucumber; October-Marsh Flat Sedge; November-Green fox-tail Grass; December-European Birch

2013: January-Water-shield; February: Garlic-Mustard, March-Sensitive Fern; April- Hairy Bitter-cress; May-Red Mulberry; June-Hairy Vetch and Sweet Vernal Grass; July – Bird Cherry; August – Seed-box; September-Jack-in-the-Pulpit; October-Marsh Pimpernel; November-Cyperus strigosus; December-Pitch and Short-leaf Pine

2014:January-Sweet fern; February-Turkey Beard; March-Trout Lily ; April-Dwarf Dandilion; May-Coltsfoot; June-Carolina Geranium; July-Scarlet Pimpernel; August-Little Barley, September-Inian Strawberry; October-Skeleton-weed; November-Sand Joint-weed; December-Oriental Ladies Thumb

2015: January-Purple Love-grass; February-Black Cherry stump; March-Japanese Mazus; April-Alsike Clover; May-Ovate Leaved Wood Violet; June-Southern Catawba; July-Palespike Lobelia, August-Common Dogbane Beetle, September-Beggars Lice; October-Ditch Stonecrop; November-Possum-Haw; December-Brown Beaksedge

2016: January-Buttonweed/Poorjoe; February-Interrupted Fern; March-Birdeye Speedwell; April – Southern Adder’s Tongue; May – Spotted Touch-Me-Not; June-Whitlow-Grass; July-Arenaria serpyllifolia; August-Leontodon hispidus; September-Narthecium americanum; October-Paspalum laeve; November-Ludwigia peploides; December-Juncus militaris

2017: January-Itea virginica; FebruaryQuercus palustris, MarchQuercus velutina; AprilToxicodendron radicans; MayVicia hirsuta ;  June-Osmorhiza clayoni; July-Saponaria officinalis; August-Polygala brevifoliaSeptember-Froelichia gracilis, October-Ipomopsis rubra, November-no listing; December-Petrorhagia prolifera 

2018: January-Tripsacum dactyloidesFebruary-Magnolia virginiana; March- Carya tomentosa; April-Eleocharis tenuis;  MayHudsonia ericoides; JuneIris prismatica ; July – Cichorium intybus; August – Alisima subcordata; September – Rudbeckia laciniata; OctoberCladium mariscoides NovemberHypericum mutilum;December-Pontedaria cordata

2019: January-Junucus pelocarpus; FebruarySagittaria englemanniana; MarchRubus phoenicolasius; AprilRumex obtusifolius; May-Alnus serrulata; June-Pellaea atropurpurea; July-Carex lupulina; AugustHelianthemum canadense; September-Conoclinium coelestinum; October-Pilea pumila