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The Flora of New Jersey Project was founded in 2004 to further the understanding, appreciation, and preservation of the flora of New Jersey and to provide a series of publications to facilitate these goals. The major, long-term goals of the Project are the publication of a Manual of the Flora of New Jersey and an Atlas of the Flora of New Jersey.

Presently, botanists from the Project are reviewing collections in regional herbaria, compiling plant information for our new project web site ( To facilitate these programs, we are asking interested individuals and organizations to become members of the Flora of New Jersey Project. Members will receive periodic updates on the progress of the Project and will receive contributor recognition on our web site. Financial support from individuals and institutions will help the Project to become solidly established as the source for accurate botanical information.

You may either fill out the application form below, or make your membership dues payment via Paypal. All checks should be made out to Flora of New Jersey Project, Inc. Send the current year membership form (available on Home page) and dues check to Joe Arsenault.

We are a tax-exempt, none profit corpration and all donations are tax deductable. Membership is for a calendar year, January 1 to December 31.

Any member wishing to volunteer for herbarium work, contribute data or digital photographs, or make other scientific contributions should contact Joe Arsenault ( or 856- 697-6044) or any of the Committee Chairs listed on the Project / Committees page (

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