Completed Atlas Pages

Information for Contributors

If you are interested in contributing data to the flora project, please contact Matt Palmer ( ) to discuss your interests. The major contribution is the treatment of a taxon. This involves (1) annotating NJ specimens in the regional herbaria for a group in which you have expertise and (2) providing a proposed taxonomy for that group to the FNJP nomenclature committee. (Download the nomenclature form and an example of a completed nomenclature form.) The contributors and committee will jointly make the ultimate determination on the species/generic/family limits that will be used in the database.

Other contributions can include:

  1. Data entry of herbarium specimens (focus on Chrysler, Philadelphia Academy of Natural Science, and NYBG)
  2. Field surveys that generate new voucher specimens/photographs/sight records for particular taxa or counties
  3. Digital images for use on the FNJP web page

Download our Guidelines for Contributors to the FNJ Manual and Atlas Projects, in PDF format.

The Flora of New Jersey Project (FNJ), follows the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG) for its familial scheme. You can learn more about the FNJ familial scheme or see a list of families and genera recognized in New Jersey nested under the The Flora page.

Karl Anderson’s Check List of the Plants of New Jersey (2003) is a basic guide to the state’s flora that can act as a reference to fill unpublished gaps in the Flora’s list and species descriptions, but not as the definitive taxonomy for the project.