Completed Atlas Pages

The Education and Outreach Committee

Chairman – Joe Arsenault

Function of the Education and Outreach Committee

The Committee’s primary goal is to educate the general public on the names, locations, and benefits of New Jersey’s wild plants.  The Education tasks will be accomplished in part by providing the up dated information found on this web site.  Periodic publications on the flora created by our contributors and interactions with the general public will provide additional opportunities to distribute current information and our passion for the Flora of New Jersey. Eventually, the printed Manual and Atlas books will provide a bound set of our combined accomplishments.

The Outreach portion of the committee is concerned with another task.  It must secure funding to cover the Project’s expenses.  The stated education goals will incur expenses.  There are significant regular costs to cover the documentation and to disseminate whether through the Internet or in person.  Grants and donations are anticipated to be our primary source of money, providing the capitol necessary to pay for the web presence, allow for in person presentations and to develop programs needed to spread the current flora information. 

Rutgers Research Station

Rutgers Research Station, Photo JRA