Completed Atlas Pages

The Project

The heart of the Project is our up to date nomenclature augmented by a county level atlas.  The compilation will be a list of all plants growing wild within the boundaries of New Jersey. Our data will including ecological information about each with current nomenclature, using up to date taxonomy.  The objective is to provide this data to the interested public and botanical professionals via our presence on the Internet.  We will post our work as we progress. 

Three committees provide oversight for each step of the project. 

  • The Atlas committee tracks the species assignments and edits the final products .
  • Our Nomenclature committee assures correct species names are applied. 
  • Keys and descriptions are recorded and edited by the Manual committee. 
  • Our Education and Outreach committee provides a point of contact between the Flora’s botanists and the general public. 
  • Our Internet committee selects the technology needed to make our goals work.

Our first mission is to update Mary Y. Hough’s original Atlas that is found in the New Jersey Wild Plants (1983).  Our digital product will dedicate an entire page to each species with synonomy, habitat, rarity and other information. Distribution maps and photos, when available will fill out the page.  The final compilation will be a set of keys and descriptions, presented in the Manual of the Plants of New Jersey, a formal publication following the standard guidelines for manual preparation.