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Dichanthelium leucothrix (Nash) Freckmann

Order: Poales

Family: Poaceae

Dichanthelium leucothrix (Nash) Freckmann

Synonymy: Panicum acuminatum Sw. subsp. leucothix (Nash) Lelong.; Panicum leucothrix Nash

Lower Taxa: none

Origin: Native

Habit: Perennial, rosette forming grass

Habitat: Low, damp, wet sandy Pine Barrens and savannas

Range: Outer Coastal Plain, specifically Pine Barrens habitat

Frequency: Endangered

Rank/Status: S1/S2

Wetland Status: FACW

Flowering & Reproduction: Early Summer, June-early July, vernal panicles, autumnal panicles late July-September; spikelets mature within month of pollination

Comments: Dichanthelium leucothrix is a very rare panic grass found on New Jersey’s Pine Barren Counties of Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cumberland and Ocean. Stone (1910) listed it as infrequent.  Weakley (2013) indicates care is needed for its identification from other members of the acuminatum clade, which is based, in part, on the sub millimeter hairs of the culm and panicle.  Recent reports exist for Ocean County.

Reference Specimen: to be provided.

Current distribution map reflects Mary Hough (1983) 

JRA, 10/2017



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