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Lobelia siphilitica L. - Great Blue Lobelia

Order: Campanulaleslobelia siphilitica 

Family: Campanulaceae 

Lobelia siphilitica L., Great Blue Lobilia 

Synonymy: none.

Lower Taxa: none. 

Origin: Native 

Habit: Perennial 

Habitat: Rich woodland, wetland meadows 

Range: VR, H, P, ICP, OCP-DB 

Frequency: Locally common  

Rank/Status: S5/G5 

Wetland Status: FACW 

Flowering & Reproduction: Flowering in late summer and autumn, up to firt frost, seed development after flowering. 

Comments: A large blue lobelia most frequent north pf Trenton, occassinal in Gloucester and Cumberland Counties.     

Reference Specimen: [to be provided.] 

Current distribution map reflects author observations and Mary Hough, 1983. 

JRA, 4/2014


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