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Lobelia chinensis Lour. – Chinese Lobelia

Order: Campanulales lobelia chinensis

Family: Campanulaceae 

Lobelia chinensis Lour., Chinese Lobelia 

Synonymy: none. 

Lower Taxa: none. 

Origin: Introduced 

Habit: Perennial 

Habitat: Freshwater Tidal, Intertidal 

Range: LDR, ICP 

Frequency: Locally common  

Rank/Status: S5/G5 

Wetland Status: OBL 

Flowering & Reproduction: Flowering infrequently, reproduction primarily by vegetation growth. 

Comments: A newly establishing invader from China, located on Delaware River shoreline, between Pennsauken Creek and Crosswicks Creek. First found by Leo Snead, Jr., 1982.     

Reference Specimen: [to be provided.] 

Current distribution map reflects author observations. 

JRA, 4/2014

Mystery Plant #1


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