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Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould

Order: Poales dichanthelium dichotomum

Family: Poaceae 

Dicanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould, Rosette Panic Grass

Synonymy: Panicum dichotomum L. 

Lower Taxa: Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould var. barbulatum (Michx.) Mohlerbr. 

Origin: Native 

Habit: Perennial, rosette forming grass 

Habitat: Dry sandy soils; Open dry road edges, fields and mesic to dry woodlands 

Range: Statewide 

Frequency: Common  

Rank/Status: S5/G5; same for variety 

Wetland Status: FACU 

Flowering & Reproduction: Early Summer, June-early July, vernal panicles, autumnal panicles late July-September; spikelets mature within month of pollination 

Comments: Rosette panic grass is a common perennial grass on open dry, soils throughout the State of New Jersey.  It is often observed with D. commutatum v. ashei, Danthonia spicata, Carex abicans, and Carex pensylvanica.  This species is the type for the fall flowering panic grasses, and as such is the typical form.  Upright culms glabrous with 3-7 linear lanceolate leaves, spikelets smooth, hairless or nearly so.  

Reference Specimen: Burlington Co., Pemberton Twp, Joseph Arsenault #2392; mixed oak hardwood south of NB Rancocas Creek, June 2011. 

Current distribution map reflects author, Chrysler herbarium specimens and Mary Hough, 1983.  JRA, 4/2014


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