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Dichanthelium commutatum (Schult.) Gould - The Variable Rosette Grass

Order: Poales 

Family: Poaceae 

Dichanthelium commutatum (Schult.) Gould senso lato dichanthelium commutatum senso lato

Lower Taxa: Dichanthelium commutatum var. ashei (Pearson ex Ashe) Mohlenbr.; Dichanthelium commutatum var. commutatum; Dichanthelium commutatum var. latifolium (Lamson) Gould 

Origin: Native 

Habit: Perennial, rosette forming grass 

Habitat: Dry sandy to mesic loamy soils; Open dry road edges, fields and sparsely canopied upland woodlands 

Range: Statewide, few NE counties without herbarium records 

Frequency: Common 

Rank/Status: S5/G5 

Wetland Status: FACU 

Flowering & Reproduction: Early Summer, June-early July, vernal panicles, autumnal panicles late July-September; spikelets mature within month of pollination 

Comments: The Variable rosette panic grass is species that is widespread in New Jersey.  The taxon is composed of 3 distinct varieties: ashei, commutatum and latifolium. 2 Varieties, commutatum and ashei, are represented in New Jersey and overlap on the Coastal Plain, specifically along the Delaware River Valley and Delaware Bay Shore communities. Variety ashei is a fine diminutive plant of the Coastal Plain and variety communtatum is more widespread with larger, coarser stem and leaf characters.  Variety latifoliuum is similar to Dichanthelium latifolium, but is distinguished by nodes and stem pubescence. Its presence in NJ is suspect. 

Current distribution map reflects author, Chrysler herbarium specimens and Mary Hough, 1983.  JRA, 10/2013


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