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Dr. Ruth Patrick, 1907 – 2013

Dr. Ruth Patrick, a life member of the Philadelphia Botanical Club, passed away Monday September 23, 2013. 

Dr. Patrick was a pilar of the Phiadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences where she lead the Limnology Department for decades.  Dr. Patrick was still active and coming into the office until she was 100!   Dr. Patrick became a Life Member of PBC nearly as soon as it was available.  Dr. Patrick’s legacy includes many accomplishments.  She was the formost authority on rivers and diatoms.  She was first on so many fronts for women scientists, breaking the ice for many younger scientists. 

Many of the Flora Project knew Dr. Patrick and saw in her a caring and dedicated person.  I knew Dr. Patrick through the Academy.   I was once hired by Ruth as a consulting botanist for a long term project.  She acted more as my mentor then my employer, helping me complete the task she hire me for.  Many of our fellow botanists have similar stories.  A wonderful front page article was written Tuesday September 24, 2013 in the Philadelphia Inquier documenting Dr. Patrick’s many and varied accomplished.  May she rest in peace.

JRA, 9/2013


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