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Ruppia maritima L.

Order: Alismatales

Family: Ruppiaceae

Ruppia maritima L.

Synonymy: Ruppia maritima var. brevirostris Agardh; R. maritima var. exigua Fernald & Wiegand; R. maritima var intermedia (Thedenius) Ascherson & Graebner; R. maritima var. longipes Hagström; R. maritima var. obliqua (Schur) Ascherson & Graebner; R. maritima var. rostrata Agardh; R. maritima var. subcapitata Fernald & Wiegand

Lower Taxa: none

Origin: Native

Habit: Perennial, submerged aquatic

Habitat: Estuarine waters of Atlantic Coast, extends inland to limit of brackish water

Range: Coastal Strip countiesruppia maritima

Frequency: Locally common 

Rank/Status: S4/G5

Wetland Status: OBL

Flowering & Reproduction: Spring to Autumn

Comments: Ditch grass or wigeon grass is one of two vascular aquatic plants that grow in New Jersey’s coastal waters.  This plant is a narrow leaved, olive green colored plant that occupies salt marsh ponds, tidal guts and waterways inland as far as the Garden State Parkway (mesohaline waters ~10-20PPT sodium).  The species is found along the entire eastern seaboard in association with eel grass, sea lettuce and other aquatic marine vascular and non-vascular species.

Reference Specimen: Mosquito ditch, Cedar Run, Ocean Co. J. Arsenault, B. Frasco, R.E. Good 7,11, 1979 CHRB132636.

Current distribution map reflects author, Chrysler herbarium specimens and Mary Hough, 1983. 

JRA, 8/2013


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