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Rare Plants of the New Jersey Pine Barrens: New FNJP Publication Available

Three Flora of New Jersey Project members have produced a unique review of the rare plants found in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.  The authors, three well versed expert New Jersey flora botanists, Wayne Ferren, Russell Juelg and Bill Olson, have taken a critical view of the flora rarity.  In this paper are provided a set of characters that help define the distribution and plant ecology of many of the Pine Barrens rarities.  The authors provide a system of classification and nomenclature for botanical rarity in the Pine Barrens that includes a series of modifiers that should help regional researchers better understand the flora and how it became the flora of our Coastal Plain landscape. 

The publication can be viewed as a PDF download on the FNJP web site at 2 locations: Articles and Ecological Rambles and Occasional Publications pages.  This  is the first of a series of on-going occasional papers that will be published on this web page that will track the work completed by the Flora participants.

JRA 3/2013


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