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2013 Annual Meeting Held Februray 16th

The Flora of New Jersey’s customary annual meeting was held via teleconference February 16th, 2013.  This speared our members a long drive to the herbarium on a less than perfect day. 

One topic of interest was the resignation of Stevens Heckscher from the position of Vice Chairperson.  Stevens busy schedule and lack of available time forced his hand.  Stevens will remain a memeber of our executive board and will continue to be an occasional contributor. 

The members present held a voice vote and re-elected the current slte of officiers with Bil Olson assuming the second duty as Vice Chairperson.  The officers are: Joe Arsenault, Chairperson; Bill Olson-Secretary and Vice Chairperson; Wayne Ferren-Treasurer.

The next quarterly meeting is scheduled for April 13th.  This will be an execuive meeting but everyone is welcome to phone into our conference call.  The call in number will be posted on the events calendar by the end of March.

JRA, 3/2013


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