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John McPhee Symposium Scheduled May 12, 2012

For botanists and Pine Barrens enthusiast , no name is more familiar than the author John McPhee.  His seminal work, The Pine Barrens, John described this landscape, the plants and animals found here along with the characters who inhabited this forest region.

Well, Stockton College, located in Pomona, Galloway Township Atlantic County, is presenting  a free symposium dedicated to John McPhee.

The symposium will be held May 12, 2012 and will feature two of the Flora of New Jersey friends and contributors: Ted Gordon and Mark Demitroff. 

Ted will give a talk on the Lost Towns of the Pine Barrens and Mark will provide a synopsis of the ancient climate once experienced by the Pine Barrens.

The symposium will follow this schedule:

9:45 welcome: Linda Stanton

9:55 Gabe Donio, Still ‘The Separate World’

10:40 Emile DeVito, Conservation of Rare Animals of the Pine Barrens: Threats, Status, Research, and Application of Conservation Strategies

11:25 Paul W. Schopp, The Black Doctor of the Pines

12:10-1:00 lunch

1:05 Amy Karpati, Fire and Flora in the Pine Barrens

1:45 Ted Gordon, Lost and Forgotten Towns of the Pine Barrens

2:30 Mark Demitroff, Sugar Sand and Spungs: A Turbulent Record of Ancient Climate Change

3:10-3:30 Q&A

For more information or to register for this free event, contact Stockton College at:

 Full information here:

JRA, 4/2012


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