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Dichanthelium annulum (Ashe) LeBlond

Order: Poales

Family: Poaceae

Dichanthelium annulum (Ashe) LeBlond

Synonymy: Panicum annulum Ashe; Dichanthelium dichotomum var. dichotomum

Lower Taxa: none

Origin: Native

Habit: Rosette forming perennial grass

Habitat: Moist to wet soils

Range: Southern Coastal Plain counties; poorly documented

Frequency: Infrequent, widely dispersed 

Rank/Status: S3-4/G5

Wetland Status: FACW

Flowering & Reproduction: Vernal flowering phase May to early June, spikelets mature by late June-early July; autumnal panicles form late July-September; spikelets mature within month of pollination

Comments: Dichanthelium annulum is a tall, gangling species with smaller length to wide ratio than either of its relatives. Modern authors include Dichanthelium annulum under Dichanthelium dichotomum var. dichotomum.  Dichanthelium annulum differs from the Dichanthelium dichotomum by a number features: it occupies wetland habitats and it is taller and larger stature than the typical form of Dichanthelium dichotomum.  In comparison, Dichanthelium dichotomum is a diminutive upland plant. Dichanthelium annulum is larger and occupies moister habitats the typical D. dichotomum is incapable. The name is retained for this species because it is a distinct entity in New Jersey, providing a clear difference from the typical Dichanthelium dichotomum by habitat as well a series of subtle spikelet and stem node differences from its nearest relative, Dichanthelium mattamuskeetense. Map relies on Hough (1983) and author records.

Reference Specimen: (to be provided)


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