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Dichanthelium acuminatum (Sw.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. acuminatum

Order: Poales 

Family: Poaceae 

Dicanthelium acuminatum (Sw.) Gould & C.A. Clark var acuminatum 

Synonymy: Dichanthelium auburn (Ashe) Mohlenbr.; Panicum acuminatum Sw.; Panicum acuminatum Sw. var acuminatum; Panicum auburn Ashe; Panicum benneri Fernald; Panicum chrysopsidifolium Nash 

Lower Taxa: none 

Origin: Native 

Habit: Upright basal clump forming

Habitat: Dry sandy soils 

Range: Found throughout NJ 

Frequency: Infrequent, widely dispersed  

Rank/Status: S3 (P. benneri SX)/G5 

Wetland Status: FACU 

Flowering & Reproduction: Early Summer, June-early July, vernal panicles, autumnal panicles late July-September; spikelets mature within month of pollination 

Comments: This portion of the species includes the short “stiff hairy” rosette species such as Paniucm aurbuneD. acuminatum var. acuminatum includes the NJ endemic, Panicum benneri Fernald. Benner’s panic grass (SX) was known from Stockton, Hunterdon Co. This species is included with D. acuminatum var. acuminatum in this treatment until further study is made of any possible extant Hunterdon County populations. Information on this page reflect author experience and specimens only from Chrysler Herbarium

Reference Specimen: Salem Co., Quinton Township, J.R. Arsenault and T. . Gordon, JRA # 1857, 6/2005, dry sandy roadside. 

J.R. Arsenault 01/12/2012


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