Completed Atlas Pages

It’s December: Time to meet our submission deadlines

As the year comes to a close it important that we at FNJP keep up with our commitments. 

Members who selected families and genera for the Project are requested to turn something in.  The Atlas, Manual and Nomenclature committees are awaiting your draft species lists, your manual treatments and the final products to be posted on the web site as our atlas pages.  In order to keep the project rolling along, those that selected groups are urged to make the effort to do the work necessary to complete the various tasks needed to complete the Flora.  Submissions are sputtering in, but we need a flood of work to keep up with challenges of the Project.  Please, do you part to complete the Nomenclature forms, Manual treatments, identification keys and Atlas page submissions.

In additon, the Manual Committe is awaiting the text submissions for the Introduction chapter on New Jersey’s natural environment.  We need items submitted from Geology to history.  Please complete the paragraphs needed to begin the manual compilation.  Do your part and we will get this to publication.

If everyone makes the effort to do their part, we can achieve the goals and objectives you all selected back in 2004.  Let’s get it done.

JRA, 12/2011


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