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New Species of Lichen Named for PANS Botanist

A new species of lichen has been discovered in Pennsylvania and its name will honor one of our FNJP friends, Dr. Alfred E. Schuyer.  Ernie, as he is known to friends, is the botanist emeritus at the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Science.  Ernie’s contributions have spanned decades and is our best when it comes to for sedges, grasses, and all things aquatic.  A new lichen discovered by James Lendemer will be named after Dr. Schuyler who is James’ mentor and friend. 

The new species, Vezdaea schuyleriana Lendemer, was discovered by serendipity during a road trip through Union Co, PA.   As a tribute Ernie, James named the new lichen as way to show appreciation for the education he gained working with Ernie at the Academy.    As Dr. Schuyler says “I like this thing, this little, obscure, barely visible lichen. I feel like this is the perfect organism to name for me.”


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