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Flora of New Jersey Web Presence is Officially Announced

garden phlox

garden phlox by JRA

Through our press release, word of mouth and serendipity, the Flora of New Jersey’s new web site has been formally introduced to the general public.  Our interactive layout, using graphic displays and the results of the on-going flora project papers are presented as a running log of the knowledge of New Jersey’s wild plants.  The Flora project was created in 2004 , and is a cadre of botanists and ecologists working to document the proper scientific and common names currently applied to the plants growing wild.  Our philosophy is to provide the data as it is generated, adding plant by plant, to the Atlas (distribution information) and Manual (identifications).  Maps, photos and text will give a more refined vision of New Jersey’s flora than is currently available.  The Project member participants hope the new web site is useful, informative and sometimes entertaining as needed to keep you in touch with your inner botanist.  Keep returning to see our progress!


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