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Rhynchospora (Beaksedge) Genus Complete

The genus Rhynchospora (Beaksedge) has been completed, approved by the nomenclature committee, and posted on the Flora of New Jersey page (click here to see the species list). 

The genus authority, Mr. Ted Gordon, is a sedge specialist.  His unique knowledge of this and other Cyperaceae (Sedge Family) genera makes this addition a milestone that will provide a basis for new atlas pages.  Ted’s world-wide botanical experience makes him uniquely qualified as a New Jersey sedge expert.  The Cyperaceae, specifically Rhynchospora and generally all other sedge genera, is Ted’s interest and he has developed a species list from regional authorities using his State-wide knowledge to list those plants that are in our Garden State. 

Ted’s up-to-date list includes old favorites as well as a new State record identified by Dr. Gerry Moore.  Dr. Moore’s research of  herbarium records housed at the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences led to the discovery of a specimen of Gray’s Beaksedge, a species never before cited by other investigators.  Ted will keep us posted on this and other progress as he studies the beaksedges and other sedge genera  for the Flora of New Jersey Project.


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