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Swamps are blooming!

Flora of New Jersey plant enthusiasts can start enjoying the flowers of two Southern New Jersey favorites spring flowers

Swamp Pink and Southern Tway Blade. 


Listera australis - Photo by Joe Arsenault

Swamp Pink, Helonias bullata, Photo by Stevens Heckscher

Swamp Pink, Helonias bullata, is the featured plant of the month for April so its presence has already been announced.  Many populations are now in flower and these plants are visible to those knowing its secrete liars. 

In the same or nearby habitat is the Southern Tway Blade, Listera australis.  This diminutive orchid is in full flower right now along the Great Egg Harbor River floodplains where its can be, in places, a common spring herb.

Both plants are listed species by the New Jersey Natural Heritage Program.  Swamp Pink is a State endangered plant and a federally listed threatened species as well. Southern Tway Blade is listed as a S2 threatened plant that is also listed by the Highlands and Pinelands Commissions.


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