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Datura stramonium L. - Jimsonweed, Thorn-Apple

Order:  Solanales  
Family: Solanaceae, Potato Family

Lower Taxa: none
Origin: Asia, Invasive, USDA and PA Noxious Plant
Habit: Annual, forb
Habitat: Erect, single stem, multiple branches
Range: Statewide
Frequency: Common
Rank/Status: G5, S5
Wetland Status: FACU
Flowering & Reproduction: Late-summer, capsule mature fall
Comments: Jimsonweed is known to be a dangerously poisonous plant. It is a common invasive weed of disturbed soils and agricultural fields. Its large fleshy leaves precede the light purple tubular flowers; bristly capsule matures late in the season.
Reference Specimen: To be provided. Distribution map reflect specimens in Chrylser Herbarium and observations by J. Arsenault


Synonymy: Datura stramonium (L.) var. tatula (L.) Torr.; Datura tatula L.


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