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Viola canadensis L. - Canada Violet

Order:  Violales  
Family: Violaceae, Violet Family

Viola canadensis

Synonymy: Viola canadensis L. var. corymbosa  Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray

Lower Taxa: Two varieties, but NJ only has var. canadensis

Origin: Native, eastern North America

Habit: Perennial, herbaceous, forb

Habitat: Moist, wooded slopes; rich woods

Range: Bergen, Hunterdon, Mercer and Morris;  H, P

Frequency: Rare

Rank/Status: G5T5, S1; Endangered

Wetland Status: Upland

Flowering & Reproduction: late April to July, capsules form in June and later

Comments:  Canada Violet is one of many stemmed species of violets in our area. The flowers are white with a yellow center and are violet on the back of the petals.  Leaves are ovate, with points at the time and cordate at the base. It grows up to 3 dm tall.  Canada Violet grows in rich, wooded slopes.  They bloom from late April to July.

Reference Specimen: Holland, Hunterdon Co., D. Snyder #134-2RU, 1978, CHRB


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