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Viola brittoniana

Order:  Violales

Family: Violaceae, Violet Family

Synonymy: Viola pedatifida  G. Don ssp. brittoniana (Pollard) McKinney

Lower Taxa: Two varieties; var. brittoniana and var. pectinata

Habit: Herbaceous; forb

Habitat: Moist sandy woods

Frequency: Infrequent

Range: All southern counties south of Middlesex. CP I/O

Wetland Status: FAC

Rank/Status: G4G5T4T5, S3, HL

Comments: Coast Violet is one of the stemless, blue violet species.  This is also one of the divided-leaved violets.  Mapped distribution of Coast Violet is limited to Chrysler Herbarium (CHRB) specimens at Rutgers University at this time.

Reference Specimen: Galloway, Atlantic, B. Frasco & J. Arsenault, 1978, CHRB


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