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Dicentra eximia (Ker-Gawl.) Torr. - Wild Bleeding Heart

Order:  Papaverales 
Family: Papaveraceae, FumitorySub-Family
dicentra eximiaSynonymy: Bicuculla eximia (Ker-Gawl.) Millsp.

Lower Taxa: none

Origin: Native, Eastern North America

Habit: Herb, basal rosette,

Habitat: Rich acidic woodlands, rocky ledges and slopes

Range: New Jersey observations from Warren County, Old specimens from Bergen and Essex Counties
Frequency: Historic

Rank/Status: G5, SH/Endangered

Wetland Status: FACU

Flowering & Reproduction: Early spring, capsules mature July to August

Comments:  Flora of New Jersey’s first plant of the month.  This species was once an infrequent member of the Northern New Jersey Piedmont, Highland and Valley and Ridge flora.  No recent specimens have been observed and the SH plant is now part of New Jersey’s vanishing native flora.  Wild Bleeding Heart classification has been in flux based on the elevation and reduction of family/subfamily status.  The plant once was in Fumitory Family, Fuminaceae. Today the APG includes the genus within the Poppy Family, Papaveraceae, under the Fumintory subfamily.  This is the same designation applied by Fernald (1950).  Mapped distribution of Wild Bleeding Heart is limited to specimens from Chrysler Herbarium (CHRB) at Rutgers University at this time.

Reference Specimen: Knowlton, Warren, J.L. Edwards, 1933, CHRB 12387.


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