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Panicum rigidulum - Redtop Panic Grass

Order:  Poales  


Family: Poaceae, Grass Family 

Synonymy: Refer to each varietal page

Lower Taxa: Five subspecies recognized by Freckman and LeLong and four by USDA Plants Database.  Four subspecies found in New Jersey: P. rigidulum var. rigidulum; P. rigidulum var. pubescens; P. rigidulum var. elongatum; P. rigiulum var. condensum.  Additional taxa south of New Jersey include P. rigiulum var. combsii; Freckman and LeLong desribe ssp. abscissum (Florida endemic) ; others exclude the later as a separate species.

Origin: Native, eastern North America, variety rigidulum has Pacific Coast distribution.

Habit: Herbaceous, clumping perennial grass

Range: At least on variety found in all New Jersey counties with the exception of Sussex Co.

Frequency: Common

Rank/Status: G5, S4/5; none

Wetland Status: FACW-OBL

Flowering & Reproduction: Flowering in July, spikelets mature in fall

Comments:  A common grass associated with open wet and dry sandy sites and pond edges.  A complex species with numerous morphological variations. 

Reference Specimen:  See Varietal Forms


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