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Panicum rigidulum Bosc. Ex. Nees var. pubescens (Vasey) LeLong - Strict Redtop Panic Grass

Panicum rigidulum var. pubescens

Line drawing from USDA Database

Order:  Poales  


Family: Poaceae, Grass Family   

Panicum rigidulum v pubescens


Synonymy: P. longifolium Torr.; Panicum longifolium var. pubescens (Vasey) Fernald; P. anceps var. pubescens Vasey; P. longifolium var. tusketense Fernald

Lower Taxa: none

Origin: Native, North America

Habit: Herbaceous, graminoid, perennial clumping grass

Habitat: Wet sands and peat soil; spungs and intermittent ponds of Outer Coastal Plain

Range: New Jersey counties except Essex, Hudson, Somerset, Morris, Warren and Sussex, P, CP-N and S

Frequency: Common

Rank/Status: G5, S4/5; none

Wetland Status: FACW

Flowering & Reproduction: Flowering in July, spikelets mature in fall

Comments:  Common Pinelands redtop variety, associated with acid environments, in open wet meadows and pond edges.  Plants have a ciliate ligules and stipitate spikelets that are between 2 and 2.7 mm.

Reference Specimen:  William H. White, #150, Atlantic Co., Hunters Mill, 7/19/1930,  CHRU #63241.



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