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Panicum amarum Ell. - Bitter Panic Grass

Line drawing from USDA Database

Order:  Acorales – Monocotyledons
Family: Poaceae, Grass Family  

panicum amarum


Synonymy: none

Lower Taxa: Panicm amarum Ell. var. amarulum (Hitchcock & Chase) Palmer

Origin: Native, eastern North America Coastal Plain

Habit: Herbaceous, graminoid, perennial grass; glaucous, rhizomatous, more open panicle than P. amarum var. amarulum

Habitat: Open moist to dry sand near coast, typically on sand dunes of Atlantic Coast

Range: New Jersey specimens from Cape May, Salem, Ocean and Monmouth Counties; Hough (1983) includes Atlantic County

Frequency: Infrequent

Rank/Status: G5, S4/none

Wetland Status: FACU

Flowering & Reproduction: Flowering in mid-summer, spikelets mature in fall

Comments:  A rhizomatous beach grass with more divergent panicle, with the appearence of switch grass.

Reference Specimen: O.H. Brown, 8/20/1929 Seabeach dunes, Cape may Point, CHRU #101294.


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