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October 2019 – Guess That Plant

This is the FNJP’s 103nd edition of Guess that Plant

The October 2019 Guess that Plant is wetland native herb found throughout the State. When the name comes to you it will be “clear.”  If you think you know this species, send your answer for this month’s  Guess that Plant.

September’s Plant: 

Conoclinium coelestinum (L.) DC., Blue Mistflower

The September Guess that Plant is a photo of one of our members of the Asteraceae, the blue mistflower.  This plant was formerly grouped with the genus Eupatorium, but recent taxonomic studies and nomenclatural changes places this species in the genus Conoclinium.  Blue mistflower stands out due to its blue-purple colored flowering head.  The plant is a wetland species (FACW) and restricted in New Jersey to the Coastal Plain.  Recent sightings confirm the species is growing in Cape May and Atlantic Counties, along the Delaware Bay Shore, and the non-tidal floodplains of Burlington County.  It flowers from late July to the first frost, and should be visible to the end of October.

JRA 9/2019


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