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October 2017 – Guess This Plant

This is the FNJP’s 80th edition of Guess that Plant


The October 2017 Guess that Plant is vibrant colored biennial infrequent in New Jersey’s dry roadsides.   Comment below with your answers. (Click on the images for a larger format).

Last Month’s Plant: 


Froelichia gracilis (Hook) Moq., Cottonweed

The September Guess that Plant was Froelichia gracilis.  This is a relatively new species in the State that is native to dry, open North American habitats south and west of New Jersey.  This species was once considered infrequent on the Coastal Plain (Hough, 1983), but today is a common member of the dry roadside flora.  It is often overlooked because of its curious flowering shape, and its ability to blend into the surrounding tall grasses.  The plant is a member of the Amaranthaceae or the Amaranth family which includes other common New Jersey genera Amaranthus and Acnida.  Cottonweed flowers through the fall and should be present in many of our Southern New Jersey disturbed road sides and open habitats.

JRA 10/2017



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