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September 2018 – Guess This Plant

This is the FNJP’s 90 th edition of Guess that Plant

The September 2018 Guess that Plant is a native wetland composite with cut leaves. Do you think you know this plant?   Check back next month with your answers. (Click on the images for a larger format).

August’s Plant: 

Alisma subcordatum Raf., Water Plantain

The August Guess that Plant is an emersed perennial found on muddy shores and shallow water.  Water plantain is found in open marshes, vernal habitats and road side ditches.  Mary Hough (1983) describes its distribution as Statewide outside the Pine Barrens.  The plant is frequent on the tributaries of the Lower Delaware River, as well as in open wet vernal pools.  Water plantain in the photo is growing through Ludwigia palustris

Native Americans used water plantain as a skin aid, a gastrointestinal aid, as well as for sores, wounds, and bruises (Moerman, 1999)

JRA 8/2018


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