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 July 2017 – Guess This Plant

This is the FNJP’s 77th edition of Guess that Plant


The July 2017 Guess that Plant is a  non-native, upland herb that is common throughout the State.  I’ll “bet” you will get this clue.  Send your answers for this month’s Guess that Plant.  (Click on the images for a larger format).

Last Month’s Plant: 


Osmorhiza claytoni (Michx.) C.B. Clark, Sweet Jarvil, Sweet Cicely

The June Guess that Plant was Osmorhiza claytoni.  This plant is a member of the parsley family, Apiacea, formerly the Umbelliferae. Sweet cicely is a hairy stemmed woodland perennial herb found on rich upland soils throughout the northern half of the State (Mary Hough, 1983).  The plant is absent the Pinelands, but it is a member of the Inner Coastal Plain flora.  There are two species in our flora.  They are distinguished by the type of stipule hairs.  Those plants with hispid or ciliate hairs are O. claytoni; plants with tomentose or downy hair are O. longistylis.  Both are present is similar habitats, and a close look at the stipules is required to make a correct identification.

JRA 6/2017




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