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August 2019 – Guess That Plant

This is the FNJP’s 101 st edition of Guess that Plant

The August 2019 Guess that Plant is a native herb found in the Coastal Plain uplands.  If you think you know this species, send your answer for this month’s  Guess that Plant.

Julys Plant: 

Carex lupulina Muhl. ex. Willd., Hop Sedge

The July Guess that Plant is a native sedge in the genus Carex.  This plant is known as the hop sedge because of its dense and compact spikes of large achenes.  This plant is an obligate wetland species (OBL) and is always found is open exposed marshes (PEM).  It is found throughout the State outside of the heart of the Pine Barrens.  The species is best represented in the Delaware Valley and the Northern Counties in freshwater marshes and roadside ditches. Its achene and clustered spikes are identification characters.

JRA 7/2019


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