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July 2018 – Guess This Plant

This is the FNJP’s 88 th edition of Guess that Plant

The July 2018 Guess that Plant is an easy one for our visitors.  Its too darn hot to go far, and this plant is throughout the State. Do you think you know this plant?   Check back next month with your answers. (Click on the images for a larger format).

June’s Plant: 

Iris prismatica Pursh; Slender Blue-flag

The June Guess that Plant was slender blue-flag, a species restricted to acidic wetlands of the Coastal Plain and occasional in the northern counties (Stone 1910).  Mary Hough (1983) documents collections from all counties except Salem, Cumberland and Gloucester.  Our plants are distinguished from the more widespread large blue-flag, Iris versicolor, by its narrow, upright leaves, and deep blue-purple color of its petals.

JRA 7/2018


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