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April 2018 – Guess This Plant

This is the FNJP’s 85 th edition of Guess that Plant

The April 2018 Guess that Plant is an early flowering photo of a common, native sedge. Do you think you know this plant?   Check back next month with your answers. (Click on the images for a larger format).

March’s Plant: 

Carya tomentosa Nutt. Mockernut Hickory

The March Guess that Plant was a photo of a winter bud and twig from the native tree Carya tomentosa.   A synonym is Carya alba (L.) Nutt.  This hickory is a component in deciduous forests throughout the State with the exception of the Pine Barrens.  It differs from other five native hickories by the large terminal winter bud.  Other seasonal characteristics include a winged nut, smooth reticulate bark and stout branches. Mockernut had been used by Native Americans for food, fiber, and fuel. 

JRA 3/2018


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