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Eragrostis hirsuta (Michx.) Nees - Bigtop or Stout Love Grass


Bigtop Love Grass

Bigtop Love Grass, Photo by JRA, 2009

Order:  Poales
Family: Poaceae, Grass Family

SynonymyE. hirsuta (Michx.) Nees var. laevivaginata Fern.

Lower Taxa: none according FNA 2002.

Origin: Native, southeastern North Americaeragrostis hirsuta

Habit: Herbaceous, graminoid, perennial, cespitose

Habitat: Open sandy soil; occasionally aggressive and opportunistic in disturbed dry sand areas.

Range: New Jersey specimens from Atlantic and Camden,observed in Burlington (K. Anderson-Palmyra, JR Arsenault-Martha Furnace), Cape May, Cumberland County; CP-O, S

Frequency: Rare

Rank/Status: G5, S1/Endangered

Wetland Status: FACU

Flowering & Reproduction: Flowering late-summer, spikelets mature late fall

Comments:  Big or stout lovegrass is a new species with distribution confined to sandy habitats in Cumberland and Atlantic Counties, south of US Rt 40.  First observed by S. Fields in Vineland, it has since been observed elsewhere.  Recent observations by D. Snyder (10/2013) indicate the species is spreading along native dry roadside habitats and dry old fields; also seen in Cape May and Burlington Counties.  Specimen collected in Camden Co. (Pine Hill Borough) in October 2013.

Reference Specimen: J.R. Arsenault, #2195, 10/02/2009, open sand with Panicum virgatum, Eragrostis spectabilis, Andropogon virginicus, east 40 Wire Rd, south US Rt 40, Mays Landing, Atlantic Co.


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