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Acer rubrum L. - Red Maple


Order: Sapinales

Family: Sapindaceae

Acer rubrum L., Red Maple

Synonymy: Acer rubrum L. var. drummondii (H & A) Sarg.; Acer rubrum L. v. trilobum K. Koch

Origin: Native, eastern North America

Habit: Deciduous tree

Range: Statewide; VR, HL P, CP-N and S

Frequency: Common

Rank/Status: G5, S4/5; none

Wetland Status: FAC; FACW (PL)

Flowering & Reproduction: Late March – Early Aril, two seeded sumara mature May to Jume

Comments: A common native tree with wide distribution. Varieties described based on leaf form and vestige. The trilobe variety is most prevalent on the Coastal Plain, and Drummond’s variety is found on the northern edge of the State.

Reference Specimens: To be added


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