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Quercus rubra L. - Red Oak

Order:  Fagales

Family: Fagaceae

Quercus rubra L.quercus rubra, Red Oak

Synonymy: Quercus rubra L. var. rubra; Quercus rubra L. var. borealis (Michaux f.) Farw.; Quercus ambigua Michaux f.; Quercus borealis Michaux f.; Quercus rubra L. var. ambigua (Michaux f.) Houba; Quercus borealis Michaux var. maximum (Marshall) Sarg.

Lower Taxa: current listings provide no lower taxa

Origin: Native, eastern North America

Habit: Dedicuous broadleaf tree; >100′ tall

Habitat: Upland forests, not found in Pine Barrens

Range: Western New Jersey counties; VR, H, P, CP-N and S

Frequency: Common north, less frequent into Coastal Plain into Salem and Cumberland Counties

Rank/Status: G5, S4/5; none

Wetland Status: FACU

Flowering & Reproduction: April, acorns mature September to October

Comments: Red oak is our state tree. The species is frequent on the Northern Physiographic provinces of Valley and Ridge, Highlands and Peidmont but less so on the southern Inner Coastal Plain. Native populations have been observed recently in BUrlington, MOnmouth, Camden, Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland Counties.  The tree has been planted throughout the state and can be expected in all 21 counties.

Reference Specimen: (to be added)


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