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Equisetum arvense L. - Field or Common Horsetail


Family: Equisetaceae

Equisetum arvense L., Field or Common Horsetail

equisetum arvense

Synonymy: Equisetum calderi Brown; Equisetum arvense L. var. alpestre Wahlenb.; Equisetum arvense L. var. boreale (Bong.) Rupr.; Equisetum arvense L. var. campestre Wahlenb.; Equisetum arvense L. var. riparium Farw.

Lower Taxa: none

Origin: Native, eastern North America

Habit: Perennial, forb

Habitat: Open, moist to dry sandy to sterile soils, including cinders

Range: Most New Jersey counties; but not common in the Pine Barrens; VR, HL, P, CP-I/O; N and S; CM

Frequency: Common

Rank/Status: G5, S4/5; none

Wetland Status: FAC

Flowering & Reproduction: Fertile stems and spore production March through June, sterile stems from creeping rhizomes

Comments: Perennial from tuber forming rootstocks; sheaths with approximately 12 brown, accuminate teeth; blunt-tipped cones. Fertile stems appear before sterile, whorl-branched ones. An extremely variable species. The common roadside species.

Reference Specimen: (To be added).


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